Baitussalam Homestay

Baitussalam Homestay Jongkang, Sariharjo, Ngaglik, Sleman Regency, Yogyakarta Special Region

Friends want a vacation in Jogja? need a place to stay ??

Let’s try our Baitussalam Homestay, let’s go …

God willing, friendly prices, clean, comfortable, near the Jogja monument again. The location of the front plate area of ??SDIT with the diffable Taruna Quran

house just built 4 years old
4 bedrooms + 2 single beds
1 prayer
room 2 bathrooms
1 kitchen
1 living room
car garage

amenities; air-conditioned rooms, the kitchen has a gas stove, and kitchen utensils, refrigerator, TV, dining table, fan, sink, iron.

  • capacity 8-10 people
  • rates between 900 rb per night, can add capacity / add more beds if needed, get charged per bed per night 60 thousand.
  • Check in, min. 12:00 pm maximum check out of 11:00 next day
  • reservation at 081.7547.9126

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