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sosro-tourJogja journey is a homepage belong to SOSRO TOUR & TRAVEL which will give you memorable journey with valuable service. We are one of the member of ASITA (Association of The Indonesian Travel Agencies) also. The variety off prices are depend on your budget from backpackers till luxury tour package. From mass tour program till the hidden place can be serve to all of our guests. On-line reservation can be made clearly and easily for all off you. So, let’s walk together to explore Yogyakarta and beyond with SOSRO TOUR & TRAVEL TO GET MEMORABLE JOURNEY WITH VALUABLE SERVICE
Alamat: Jln. Sosrowijayan Wetan GT 1/62 Gg. PTPM Yogyakarta 55271
Telephon: Phone: +62 274 7163987 / 512054

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Opel Jogja - 1 Febuari 2013

Gloria Amanda Hotel -1-10-2017
Hotel Limaran 24 Sept 2011