Jogja Umrah Packages

Please plan your and your family’s Umrah & Hajj Plus in 2021 with AMANA TOUR & TRAVEL .

Jogja Umrah Packages for the Period of February – March 2021 & Umrah Romadhon

Age 18-60 years
? 08,17,25 Feb 2021
? 07,15,26 Mar 2021
? Mecca: International Zowar
? Medina: Sheraton – Le Meredien Towers
?? Citilink
?? 10 Day Program
? Rp. 28,500,000
? 10-day Romadhon Early & Middle Umrah Program
IDR 35,000,000
? Final Program (Lailatul Qadar) Romadhon 12 Days
IDR 45,000,000
? Umrah for the month of Shawwal 10 days
Rp. 27,500,000
? Kemenaq’s Haj Plus Qouta Program Dp
$ 4,500 (around 63 million) Have You Received Portion of Hajj Plus Qouta Kemenaq
? Haj Plus Direct Departure Program in 2021
$ 19,500 (around 270 million)

? Feb & March 2021
? Mecca: Movenpick
? Medina: Royal Rawda Inn
?? Saudia / Garuda
?? 10 Day Program
? IDR 33,500,000

Price Included

  1. PP airplane tickets
  2. Umrah Visa
  3. Hotel
  4. Umrah equipment
  5. Zam Zam water
  6. Insurance
  7. Domestic Ticket, PCR Test, Hotel departure
  8. Airport Departure Handling

Price Included

  1. Passport Making
  2. Injectable Miningitis
  3. Covid-19 Vaccine (If Needed)
  4. Hotel Quarantine & PCR upon Return
  5. Handling CGK Return

Jl. Tegal Turi Umbulharjo Yogyakarta

Jogja’s Best Umrah Bureau

In order to become the best Umrah bureau in Jogja, Amana Tour tries to present the terms and conditions of Umrah on this page.

Umrah requirements

The requirements for the Umrah that must be fulfilled in order to perform the Umrah are the same as the conditions that must be met for performing the Hajj:

  • Muslim
  • Baligh, and sensible
  • Independent
  • Have the ability, provision and vehicle, and budget
  • There is a mahram (especially for women / girls)
  • Pillars of Umrah
  • Rukun is something / main thing that should not be left behind in carrying out a job.

The pillars of Umrah are as follows:

  • Ihram, intending to start Umrah
  • Thawaf / surround the Ka’bah 7 times
  • Sai / jogged from shofa hill to marwa
  • Tahallul / cut part of the hair or shaved the hair
  • Orderly / sequentially in the implementation of the pillars of the Umrah.
  • As for the obligatory Umrah are:
  • Perform ihram when about to enter the miqat
  • Bertahallul by doing shaved or cutting some hair
  • Information on the Difference between the Rukun Umrah and the Mandatory Umrah:

Leaving the rukun, then the umrah is invalid / perfect and must be repeated.

Leaving the obligatory Umrah, Umrah is still valid and the mistake (i.e. leaving the obligation) can be covered with a DAM / fine

Intercourse before tahallul is obliged to pay a goat of
Umrah type

There are several types / types of Umrah, the common ones are Umrah which is combined with the implementation of Hajj such as the Hajj Tamattu, there are also Umrah that are not related to Hajj.

Umrah Mufradah
Umrah Tamattu ‘
Umrah Sunah
Procedures for performing Umrah
For the procedures for performing Umrah, it is necessary to pay attention to the following matters:

It is sunnah to take a big bath (janabah) before ihram for Umrah.
Wear ihram cloth / clothes. For men / men, 2 cloths are used as a sarong and shawl, while for women / women wear any clothes that can cover their genitals without any decorations and do not wear a veil or gloves.
The intention to do umrah in your heart, when you reach the miqot (boundary of the holy land area), pray two rokaat of sunnah and say Labbaika Allahumma ‘umrotan or Labbaika Allahumma bi’umrotin.
Then the voice is loud for men and enough with the voice heard by the person beside it for women / women, namely saying Labbaikallahumma labbaik labbaika laa syarika laka labbaik. Innal hamda wan ni’mata laka wal mulk laa syarika laka.

If you have reached the city of Makkah, it is sunnah to take a bath before entering it.
Arriving at the Ka’bah, talbiyah stopped before tawaf. Then towards hajar aswad while touching it with your right hand and kissing it if you can and say Bismillahi wallahu akbar.
If you can’t touch and smell it, then just give a signal that must be fulfilled and say Allahu akbar.

Thawaf as much as 7 rounds. The first 3 rounds are brisk walking and the rest are regular roads. Thowaf begins and ends at hajar aswad and the ka’bah is made to be on the left.
Try to pray 2 rak’ahs behind the station of Ibrahim if you can or in another place in the Grand Mosque by reading Surah Al-Kafirun on the first rak’ah and Al-Ikhlas on the second rak’ah.
Sa’i by going up to the hill of Shofa and facing the Qibla while raising both hands and saying Innash shofa wal marwata min sya’aairillah. Abda’u bima bada’allahu bihi (I started with what Allah started). Then take takbir 3 times without giving the signal that must be fulfilled and say Laa ilaha illallahu wahdahu laa syarika lahu. Lahul mulku wa lahul hamdu wahuwa ‘alaa kulli syai’in qodiir. Laa ilaha illallahu wahdahu anjaza wa’dahu wa nasoro ‘abdahu wa hazamal ahzaaba wahdahu 3x. Then pray as you wish.
The practice at point 8 is repeated every round on the hillside of Shofa and Marwah accompanied by a prayer.
Sa’i is performed 7 times with a count of departing once and returning counting once, starting at Shofa Hill and ending at Marwah Hill.
Shave all hair or only part of the head hair for men and cut it only at the fingertips for women / girls.
Thus, the practice of Umrah has been completed.
Indonesia is the largest Muslim country in the world.

Approximately 80% of Indonesia’s population is Muslim.

In general, the Muslim community in Indonesia has carried out Umrah to the Grand Mosque in Saudi Arabia through Umrah travel or a travel company or Umrah and Haj travel agencies that have specially organized Umrah travel services which have been widely spread in Indonesia.

The travel agency provides various facilities that have made it easier for the congregation so that the concentration of the congregation is only on the implementation of Umrah worship activities at the Grand Mosque in Mecca and Medina.

Umrah travel has collaborated with hotels around the Grand Mosque to make it very easy for pilgrims.

In general, the Umrah and Hajj travel agencies have determined several Umrah and Hajj packages and the minimum is a 9 day trip from Indonesia to Saudi Arabia and back to Indonesia again.

Preparation Before Departing for Umrah
Not a few people often ask about Umrah preparations.

Some of them were regarding Umrah and Hajj rituals.

All questions for the sake of reaching Umrah Mabruroh.

Now to be able to help prospective pilgrims who will be guests of Allah in the holy land, Amana Tour Umrah and Hajj will try to help answer.

If the answers that Amana Tour Umrah and Hajj give are not complete …

So Amana Tour Umrah and Hajj suggest looking for references in other places.

Let’s start the surgery one by one regarding Umrah preparation.

Preparation for Umrah 1: Body
Condition Physical / physical condition is the first thing that must be considered in order to prepare for Umrah.

while your physical / physical condition is in prime condition, you can perform worship while maximizing.

Find information / knowledge / information on tips for maintaining endurance and doing light exercise every day before departure.

Umrah preparation 2: Season information / knowledge / information,
don’t forget to be able to find detailed information / knowledge / information about your departure season.

Whether entering in summer, or entering in winter.

This can help you to adjust to yourself and the items you need to carry with you.

Can be understood?

Umrah preparation 3:
Umrah rituals usually contain instructions from the bureau and the ustadz regarding the Umrah trip that you will be doing.

At Amana Tour & Travel, Amana Tour Umrah and Hajj perform at least 2x rituals.

First, the first Umrah rituals are rituals of worship, fully discussing worship and its practices.

The goal is that prospective worshipers are not confused when they are in a place of worship.

Second, technical rituals.

This ritual contains technical matters regarding travel.

For example knowledge / information about tickets, visas, hotel names, toilet training, travel itineraries, muthowif functions, data card activation, and so on.

Everything is discussed in full, if you don’t know, please visit the article about the Rukun Umrah that we have made.

Umrah Preparation 4: Umrah Equipment / Needs
This section is quite important, because the Umrah equipment / needs are an important part that will make it easier for the congregation to carry out worship.

Following are the Umrah equipment / needs that are important to pay attention to.

Equipment / Needs for Men Umrah
Cloth Ihram.

The ihram cloth is important to note, there was once a congregation who was left behind and had to buy again in Saudi Arabia.

If necessary, bring a spare cloth in case it gets dirty.

Sandals and Plastic Bags
Make sure the sandals you choose do not interfere with worship activities.

Avoid sandals that cover the ankles. In certain worship such as thawaf and sa’i, the congregation is not allowed to wear sandals.

The plastic bag here is meant to be able to store sandals, because even though there are shelves in the mosque, the space is very limited.

Hajj Belt.
The function of the Hajj belt is to be able to tie the ihram cloth so that it doesn’t loosen or sag easily.

f possible, then look for one with a wallet so it can save money.

These glasses are only brought when necessary, so as not to glare during the day.

Muslim dress.
Use clothes that are comfortable to wear for activities.

It is enough to bring the appropriate number of days. There’s no need to overdo it.

Pants Material.
Material trousers take up very little space to store, in contrast to thicker jeans.

However, during winter it is better to wear jeans.

Bring enough, bring modest types of clothing.

Because you are definitely not alone in the hotel.

However, if you use the hotel as a family, that’s up to you.

This is an important part, don’t forget to bring enough underwear.

Especially for people with certain disorders related to vital organs.

Skin Moisturizer.
Its function is to be able to moisturize the skin, so it is not dry and cracked.

Jacket or Sweeter.
Pay attention to the season, if during cold weather make sure to bring a jacket.

Thin Jacket.
If you go in hot weather, just bring a jacket that is not too thick.

A thin prayer mat.
You don’t need to bring a thick prayer mat, because the mosque area is already equipped with one.

Toiletries / Supplies.
Small towels, toothbrushes, toothpaste, shampoo in small packages (sachets).

This is intended to keep toiletries available.

Indeed, the hotel has provided, but anticipate if the number is not enough.

Inside the hotel, everything is air conditioned, wear socks to sleep.

Especially for those of you who cannot stand the temperature of the AC.

Gadget Equipment / Supplies.
Regarding chargers and power plugs, please adjust.

Sockets in different countries are often different.

In Saudi Arabia it is clearly different from us in Indonesia.

Very important, bring simple medicines that can be found at the nearest shop or shop.

The goal is to be able to overcome simple emergency situations such as flu, cough, diarrhea, aches, etc.

Face mask.
You can also bring a mask to avoid dust or if you have the flu so as not to infect other worshipers.

Supplies / Needs for Women’s Umrah
Broadly speaking, the equipment / needs that men and women / women carry are the same.

However there are things that are different, such as:

Sandals and Socks
Women / Women can use socks during thawaf and sa’i.

Hajj Belt
Women do not need a Hajj belt, because they do not use ihram cloth.

Top’s Mukena
Bring your boss’s mukena along with a spare.

Preparation for Umrah 5: Umrah Mabruroh The
final research for Umrah is to understand how Umrah Mabruroh itself is.

The goal is that what you do will get the pleasure of Allah SWT. Of course, as fellow Muslims they expect your Worship to be good.

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