Intensive Batik Course


Intensive Batik Course…

  1. This course is to legalize and afficial permit by Culture and Education Department Yogyakarta Indonesia No:234/A1/XI/82.

This course conducted and thaught by Drs.Hadjir Digdodarmodjo. Who has experience teaching batik to western people more 37 years.

  1. The course is from : 13.00 until 15.00 pm, for three days.
  2. The charge of this course: 25.USD (course ) , 10.USD (materials )
  3. Lesson included

History of batik, formulae varius used wax, how to prepare and use chemical dye, how to apply in fine and thick line, how use batik stamp, how to remove wax from cloth.


The course is run by Hadjir Digdodarmodjo, a Javanese school teacher who speaks flawless English. An American who took the course lavished the following praises on Hadjir when filling out the visitor’s book .

There could’t be better way to learn batik, she said :

“A friendly and peaceful setting, and the individed attention of truly dedicated teacher.

The lectures are extremely well organised, the demonstration clear, and the practical work teacher you all you need to know .

I highly recommend the course”.

Alex Wilds
Executiv Director Rose Hill Art Centre P.O.BOX.26 Aiken,S,C,2-960l
U.S.A. 21 Sep 1977.

For further information please contact this address :
The main entrance to the Watercastle:
Taman KT.U314 Yogyakarta 55133.
Phone : (0274)377835/HP: 0811 250 563 *FAX. (0274) 371 103


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