Job Fair UGM 9-10 Februari 2013

Job fair ugm 2013

Job fair UGM 9-10 februari 2013  graha sabha UGM

Career Days UGM is regular and free for member, program held by ECC UGM  to gather the employers and the jobseekers at a place and time. Career Days UGM also aim a synergy between Academic, Business, and Government (ABG) in the field of employment, research, education, and people development.


Program Name:Career Days UGM XIII 2013
Day/Date:Saturday – Sunday, February, 9 – 10, 08.00 – 16.00 WIB
Place:1st and 2nd Floor Grha Sabha Pramana Building UGM Yogyakarta
Visitor Target:15.000 visitors & free of charge
Participant Target:75 companies


The registration procedures for company which will participate in Career Days UGM XIII 2013 are as follow:

  1. Sending the registration form that has been filled through fax or email (found in our proposal, contact our marketing staff)
  2. One (1) week after the form is received by the committee, ordered to pay 50% of the costs that must be paid as evidence of participation to the committee’s account and send transfer receipt , company logo and short company profile via fax or email. If within one (1) weeks since the form is received, payment has not been done, the com mittee is entitled to divert booths were booked to other participants .


To improve the effectiveness of the company recruitment process, we will publish the vacancies that will be opened in Career Days before D-day so that ECC’s members can perform application online application via companies already have their candidates when Career Days UGM XIII begins . Further details please contact the committee.


ECC UGM comes as IT based career center which is managed professionally to be active in making innovation. It is supposed to serve companies and job seekers well. Gaining mission to give effective and solute recruitment service, ECC UGM has Human Resources Service. This service can be utilized by companies to check human resource potential psychologically. Human Resources Service prepares necessities for selection, placement, promotion with accurate and objective marking. Besides that, Human Resources Service also cooperate with trusted institution in holding linguistic test and medical check up test. Of course, it will helps company in process of human resource potential examination with fast and effective method. This service also can be adjusted with company’s budget as they need

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