Yogyakarta Fauna and Nursery Market (PASTY)

Yogyakarta Fauna and Nursery Market (PASTY) is a comfortable and enjoyable place to e visited as is on of the tourist destination in Yogyakarta. Nowdays, PASTY is not only the center of city agriculture development but also as a place for bird trading development. This place was located on the Ngasem Market. Many kinds of activities are conducted in this market such as nursery contest and exhiition. Besides, PASTY is also a place which sell various plants and fish. Here the visitors can get an education package y reserving in advance.

PASTY is divided into several zones :

1. Western Side

  • Education zone which consists of Green House, Bird Dome, Animal Education Building, Fish pond, gazebo and playground
  • Nursery market zone
  • Fish Market zone
  • Fish raiser zone
  • Fish pond
  • Nursery exhibition hall
  • Musholla
  • Toilet
  • Parking area
  • Canteen
2.  Eastern Side
  • Fauna Selling
  • Bird Selling
  • Bird competition arena
  • Fish raiser zone
  • Education zone wich consists of Green House, Bird Dome,Animal Education building,Fish Pond, Gazebo dan Playground
  • Nursery Market
  • Fish market zone.
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