Inspiration: 8 Business Opportunities during the Pandemic Covid 19

Inspiration: 8 Business Opportunities during the Pandemic

IN THE ERA of the Covid-19 outbreak, all routines were limited.

Even so, this situation does not mean that creation is also hindered, including in the search for business opportunities.

What’s more, when it enters the new normal era. Here are 10 business opportunities that are right to be mobilized during the outbreak versus Jogjapromo.

  1. Food

All people need to eat whatever the circumstances.

Because of that, this field has become one of the lucrative business opportunities during the outbreak period.

In addition, during the outbreak, the provisions state that the food business sector is still allowed to work if it follows the provisions.

  1. Graphic Design Services

Graphic design services can have a good chance of being applied throughout the outbreak.

Plus there are many individuals or agencies that need visual content for various needs, such as promos.

  1. Selling credit / data packages

In the implementation period of the Big Standard Social Limitation (PSBB) provisions, there were provisions for studying or working at home.

This resulted in the need for the internet to increase.

This situation shows that the marketing business for pulses and data packages is very potential in this period.

  1. Sell ??Masks

The use of masks is now a necessity for everyone.

Not only for the sick, and also for healthy people.

Going away from this situation, selling cloth masks is also an inspiration for prospective businesses to be mobilized during the outbreak.

  1. Author Regardless

So being independent is an effort that can be driven throughout the implementation of the PSBB.

Plus ideas and writing activities can actually be done anywhere.

Drag writing is the target of many publishers / publishers who can then make money for the author.

  1. Sell ??Hand Sanitizier

Keeping clean by using a hand sanitizer is a must now.

The use of hand sanitizers with specific alcohol content is believed to be good at killing germs.

Because of its high enthusiasm, therefore this business is considered prospective to be applied today.

  1. Basic Food Business

These basic food needs are really needed by the residents.

When an epidemic occurs, this business opportunity is quite promising, remembering that the residents’ needs for basic necessities are quite high.

Now grocery stores can work together with online transportation companies.

  1. Video Processing Services

Some innovative things that can be done at home to get rid of boredom.

One of them made a video. This situation can give birth to innovative businesses in the form of video processing services that can later be used for commercial or non-commercial needs.

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