Merapi Tourism – Peaceful Nature Tourism

Merapi Tourism – Back to Nature Seeking Experience

“The Highest Tour in Jogja with Natural Nuances of Mount Merapi”

Since March 4, 2012 we changed our name to “Alam Merapi Tour”.

Integrated Nature Exploration Tour Packages, environmental education tours, village tours in the slopes of Merapi, traces of the eruption of Merapi.

The tourism program to trace the eruption of Merapi is intended to invite participants to see firsthand the object of the former Merapi eruption in 2010.

For further information contact:
Pondok Alam
Turgo Rt.04 / Rw. 02 Purwobinangun, Pakem, Sleman
CP: Yanto 0856 290 3 864/0851 0153 6946

Information on Merapi Nature Tourism Packages can be checked here: Merapi Nature Tourism

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