Sumac Herbal Honey Cap Eyang Kakung

Regular consumption of Sumac Herbal Honey, we don’t know whether the Corona Virus is in our body or not, unless a Swab Test is done.

Price of Sumac Herbal Honey Cap Eyang Kakung

Price of Honey Rp. 100,000, –

Composition of Herbal Honey Sumac Cap Eyang Kakung:

Indonesian Honey

sumac herbal honey

Hopefully this can be an alternative to ending the Corona virus outbreak

Benefits of Cap Eyang Kakung Honey

Helps ward off Corona Virus
Helps increase Stamina
Helps to nourish the Heart
Helps strengthen the immune system
Helps overcome headaches Helps clear the

Rules for Use of Sumac Herbal Honey Cap Eyang Kakung:

Shake well before use
Pour Herbal Honey 1 full tablespoon
Add 3/4 cup hot water (75 ml)
Can add coffee or tea
Stir until mixed
Drink it 1 x

Testimonials of Eyang Kakung Herbal Honey Users

testimonials from user reviews of herbal honey sumac cap grandparent kakung
testimonials of honey users grandparent kakung - herbal honey sumac cap grandparent kakung

Description of Madu Cap Eyang Kakung

Grandma Kakung herbal honey is pure honey with ginger, cinnamon, cloves, added with Sumac spices.

Other benefits of grandparent honey include:
-. Helps increase stamina
-. Helps nourish the heart
-. Helps strengthen the immune system / immune system
-. Helps deal with headaches
-. Helps relieve throat
-. Helps increase appetite

Net content: 220 gr

Looks not fully filled because a place is made for evaporation of honey

Sumac Honey Is…

Honey mixed with sumac spices. Sumac Cap Eyang Kakung Honey is sumac honey mixed with spices and ginger.

Sumac Honey Cap Eyang Kakung From Yogyakarta.

What is Sumac …

Sumac is a diiuretic plant which means that it helps remove toxins from the body through urine. Because of this, sumac is often used as a traditional medicine to treat urinary infections and digestive problems.

Is that Sumac?

Sumac is…

Sumac plants native to the Middle East whose fruit is usually dried and ground into a coarse powder.

The fruit is dark red.

SUMAC tree

The morphology of this herb has a similar shape to the alveoli in our lungs

Currently, it is widely consumed by Middle Eastern people.

One of the producing countries for Sumac is Iran, which recently had eighty thousand of its people recovered from the Corona vorus and one of their habits is to consume or mix sumac in each of their dishes.

In the Middle East, sumac is the most suitable seasoning for roasted goat, chicken and fish.

Sumac was a special element in Za’atar’s workmanship.

Store sumac in an airtight, dry place away from heat and light.

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