Tips On How to Find and Replace Text In Mass In WordPress

Step find and Replace Text By Mass way in WordPress.

The time you have a website with a lot of posts but you want to change a few words on your WordPress site, be it in a post or a page will feel heavy when implemented manually or change one-on-one.

There are indeed steps to do a search and change the text through the database by writing some SQL code or using phpMyAdmin.

But it’s definitely distressing and frightening for some novices who aren’t trained with code, so that’s why I’ll give you an easier step to get searched and change text in a mass way on a WordPress post or page with a WordPress socketin called Better Search Replace.

In this article, I’ll show you the quick steps to search and change text in WordPress.

Step Change Text In Mass Automatically in WordPressF
irst time to avoid better mistakes and it is recommended to back up your WordPress database before converting to your WordPress database.

Because it can help you restore your site in the event of an error that we didn’t initially predict.

The next important thing you do is install and enable the Better Search Replace Plugin.

After activation, you need to enter in the socketin setup menu in the menu Tools » Better Search Replace.

Later you will see the setup page as following image.

Just write the text in the search for field you want to search for and write the text in the Replace With column for the alternative word.

In the example in the image above I want to find and change the two words in the post by writing “How to quickly healthy” and I will exchange it for “Healthy smart way”.

Then you have to select the table you want to search for as well as exchange, because I want to change the word WordPress Guide in word Learn WordPress in all my posts, therefore I select wp_post in the column “Select Table” section, just as you can see in that image.

The socketin can run searches as well as change for sensitive cases. Besides with this socketin you can see how many cells are mastered by your search without anyone actually changing the text.

If you’re done searching, click the Run Searh/Replace button to change the text you want.

When you change the text in the database with the above, generally your site will appear only white monitor or natural timeout timeout do search and replace.

To handle it Just click on the Settings tab in socketin’s setup.

You’ll see a selection of maximum page sizes. Please lower the page size to avoid timeouts as well as white monitors on your WordPress site.

And after all your success, currently looking at your articles and seeing the results, therefore all the words you want to exchange today have been exchanged in the words that you want.

And it’s a short tutorial on finding and changing the word text in a wordpress post or page in a mass and automated way using the most easy-to-use and concise Better Search Replace socketin.

I hope this article helps you get word search and change the word text in your WordPress database easily without coding.

When you’ve finished text switching, you can uninstall the socketin so that WordPress loading is fast with a minimum socketin. Good practice.

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