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YOGYA … the heart of Java Island , at the foot of active volcano Mt. Merapi … closely to the mysterious legend of Queen of the south sea …the heart of Javanese culture and center of quintessential Javanese refinement…

Batik, silver , filigree, bronze, leather work galore …. volcano,  festivals , music, dances  and foods …some tourist attraction … one of the seven wonders in the world Borobudur Temple…..the world renowned Hindu’s Prambanan Temple …Sultan’s Palace, Dieng Plateau, beaches …… all this is


plus much…. much more.

!Home ! Borobudur Temple ! Prambanan Temple !Sultan’s Palace! Dieng Plateau! Bird Market! Batik Home Industry! Gold & silversmith! Mountain resort! Pottery Village! Beach! Solo Tour! Natural Waterfall! Yogya Package Tours ! Golf Tour! Adventure Tour! Pilgrimage Tours! Special Arrangement ! About us! Options! Request Info!

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PT.Magnet Nusantara Tour & Travel

Licensed Number : 503/31/BPW/I/04

Perum Bumi Avia Permai Kav. 56 Kalasan

Yogyakarta – Indonesia 55571

Telephone/Facsimile : ( 62-274)

HP. 081 22 768 1234

E-mail :

Attention : Hermanto


Company Name   : PT. Magnet Nusantara Tours & Travel

Trade Name : Magnet Tours Yogya

Licensed Number   : 503/31/BPW/I/04

NPWP   : 02.205.861.4-542.000

Contract Person  : Drs.H. Suhermanto

Operation Manager/ Owner

Address   : Perum Bumi Avia Permai Kav. 56

Purwomartani – Kalasan

Yogyakarta – Indonesia 55571

Telephone/Facsimile : 62 – 274 –

Office hours   : 05.00 am – 10.00 pm

Working days  : Seven days in a week.

HP / Direct Calling : 081 22 768 1234

E-mail   :

Bankers  : Suhermanto, Drs.

Bank Mandiri – Yogyakarta UGM

Acct No.:137 – 0003189269


Bank Central Asia

Jl. Urip Sumohardjo – Yogyakarta

Acct No.: 4560634418

We offer to you the following various services at any travel spots.

1. Welcome and Airport handling service:

* Meeting & Sending staff arrangement (Available only one guest)
* Porter & Chartered baggage truck for group movement
* Welcome banner, flowers or others souvenir, Memorial(Welcome) photo
* Regular limousine bus, Hired car, Chartered motor coach
* VIP room in the airport (For VIP, Press Interview, Welcome ceremony)

2. Hotel :

* Selection of the most comfortable and reasonable accommodation
* Applicable to the special group rate for 15 guests up ( with discount rate )
* Special travel desk for group in the lobby of the hotel.
* Welcome board pre-arranging at the entrance
* Punch service, Welcome flower, Welcome drink.
* City map, Access map, Shopping map (English and others)
* Special budget meal coupon, Hospitality room

3. Party :

* Welcome party, Farewell party,
* Api unggun Javanesse  style party estimate to the reasonable budget
* Party style and menu selection

4. Selection :
* Hotel banquet, restaurant in/out‚  Â  the city, Open air party,
* Party on the holiday resort, Disco party
* Party style: Full course, Buffet party
Entertainment:Gudeg ( traditional food of Java jack fruit), Sate( satay ), Pemancingan (  fishing in pond and eating with fried fish ), Nasi Goreng (Fried rice), Kambing Guling (Grilled goat and chicken on a stick), Gado-gado ( Assorted vegetable in spicy peanut sauce) Soto ( Traditional soup ), Nasi Rames ( Rice with combination of side dishes ), Bubur Ayam (Chicken Porridge). Beverages: ginger, sweet sour of tamarind, medical beverage made of rice and herb, beverage made of rice flour droplets.soft coconut flesh. Beer and soft drink, assorted fresh fruits, juices.
Music band, Piano + Singer , Karaoke, Javanesse entertainment ( Cokekan , Wayang kulit any version , Srimpi ( welcome dance )Ramayana Dance, Sholawatan, Kuda Lumping, etc
Others:Ice curving, Dance floor, Temanten Javanese.

5.Conference party :

Meeting style:Orientation, Sales meeting, Breakfast meeting,
Luncheon meeting

*Meeting tool:Over head projector, Slide film, White board, Flip chart pointer, Simultaneous interpretation Facility

6. Transport :
* Executive Train Ticket any destination,

Domestic/International  Air Ticket,
* Private Railway Ticket, Ferry, Cable car, Boat cruise
* Chartered motor coach (Saloon car, Mini coach, Deluxe coach, van )
* Hired car (Limousine, big bus, mini bus)
* Regular sightseeing bus ( Magnet Holiday Tours and others)
* Rent a car and helicopter

7. Sightseeing :

a. Temples = Borobudur, Mendut, Prambanan, Kalasan, Sambisari, Sari, Kedulan, Ratu Boko, Sukuh,    ( other temples ),

b. Palace : Yogyakarta Sultan

c. Palace,Yogyakarta Paku Alaman, Surakarta Kasunanan, Surakarta Mangkunegaran.

d. Museum : Ketep Pass ( Volcano ) , Trains ( Ambarawa ), Herb/Jamu Jawa ( Semarang), Kretek/Cigarette ( Kudus ), Pitecan Trupus Erectus/Old Jawa Man  ( Trinil ), Ullen Sentalu Kaliurang (Batik Yogya & Solo), Art Painting ( Kabul, Nyoman Gunarso, Affandi, Kartika ) Kakayon Museum Wayang ( Puppet ),

e. Adventure Tour : Mountaineering, Hiking ,Rafting , light trekking , biking, Caving

f. Pilgrim Tour : Walisongo Tour(Muslim),

Sendangsono etc(Chatolic), Visakha

Buddha(Buddha), Galungan ( Hindu ) etc.

g. Entertainment sports : (Bike or motor

bike touring to villages, Gym, Tennis

play, Golf play, rafting)
h. Ticket for various theater ( Ramayana

Performance Dance )
i. Event ( School of traditional dance,

Bazaars, Nyadran, Bersih Desa,

Ketoprak, Tahlil, Ruwatan, Sekaten

Local festival)
j. Old industrial: ( Sugar Mills Industry,

Jamu Jawa ( herb ), Milk home industry

in Boyolali, Batik Tulis and stamp,

Gold and silver home industry, Kasongan

Pottery, Leather puppet, furniture,  others small

Traditional home

Industry/handicraft : plane, bag, break
k. Zoo, Bird Market, Crater, .
l. Special interest tour : Trekking to

Merapi volcano, rising sun or sunset in

Dieng plateau / Borobudur Temple,

Fishing activity, Fruit & vegetable

Market, flea market, farming, hiking in

The Grojogan sewu Waterfall, hiking in

Pancuran Tujuh hot spring, natural lake

Sarangan), cultivating, teawalk.
m. Native Home stay in Village , Home

visit to the Village.

8. Guide :
= English, Japanese, Dutch, German, Spanish, French, Italian, Portuguese, Russian, Mandarin, Korean, Malaysian, other language will be available on the request.

9. Others :
= Gift for participant, Photo Album, Video, Night life information, Travel kit, Money changer.

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