Malioboro street at Yogyakarta, Indonesia

Malioboro street is the most famous street in Yogyakarta (Jogja). Because Malioboro street is a shopping center, it is about 1 km so that was one of recreation destination in Jogja.. Jalan Malioboro ( Malioboro Street ) is a major shopping street in Yogyakarta. The street is the centre of Yogyakarta’s largest tourist district surrounded with many hotels and restaurants nearby. Sidewalks on both sides of the street are crowded with small stalls selling a variety of goods. the main street of the Javanese capital, is busy from the morning till very late at night. This is the meeting place of students, tourists and street salers. You will walk there, without specific target, only to enjoy being together, to make some shopping or to eat in a small place station to eat javanese foods). In the evening in Jalan Malioboro, this is a good opportunities for tourists and students to spend few hours walking, drinking, eating and shopping as well. When you walk in Malioboro street, do not just go for shopping. Because along Malioboro street and around many places you can visit. If you like to take a walk, would take a walk along the Malioboro is exciting. You can started from Hotel Ina Garuda headed to Sultan Palace of Yogyakarta. Options trip up to you: walk, ride tricycles or wagon ride. in the midle of the malioboro street, sometimes you will find was a group of music which  playing ethnic music using bamboo. its very amazing. melodic so touched our feeling. There were 2 dancers, accompany their please visit to Yogyakarta, Indonesia and enjoy your trip

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